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Top 6 reasons your child is ready for their first haircut.

How do I know when my child needs their first haircut?

There will always be family and friends telling you when you should get your child's first haircut. The wives tales of " cut it and it will grow quicker and thicker", or " First birthday, first haircut". Let us answer that question for you and put the tales to rest.

You know your child's is ready for a haircut when:

  • They are constantly swiping the hair out of their face.

  • The growth pattern is in different lengths. Wings over the ears, and a tail in the back for example.

  • More food goes in their hair instead of in their mouth.

  • Stranger: “She is so cute, what is her name?……Parent: ”Johnny.”

  • Hair brushing takes an hour and the tangles still aren’t out. And the tears that come with it.

  • 2 words….” Baby Mullet”.

Baby’s First Haircut: If you tell us “we want very little cut off, still want our baby to look like a baby.”…no worries, that’s exactly what we will do. We call this “just a dusting”!

Got Tangles? You will be amazed what a healthy trim can do. Also, a good tangle brush and spray in detangling solution, we can hook you up!

We love the long hair look, whether it’s a boy or a girl. After their 1st haircut, keeping it trimmed at least 2-4 times a year ( we suggest once every season, keeps you on track) is always a good idea to keep it healthy and beautiful instead of knotty and straggly.

The Lions & Tigers & Hair experience will deliver not only a great 1st haircut & experience, you will also take home a 1st haircut certificate, a saved lock of your child's hair and a picture to commemorate the occasion.

Have questions or interested in making an appointment? Click here or call us at 707-773-3711

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