Baby’s 1st Haircut

Baby's 1st Haircut

Your baby's 1st haircut experience is special and helps set the stage for future haircuts. Make it a special event with an official "adventure haircut certificate" photo and a lock of baby’s hair in a keepsake envelope.

Visiting the Salon

Your baby will love the colorful surroundings and gentle touch of our experienced stylists.



"We were nervous about getting our sons first haircut. These ladies however, put us at ease with their confidence. They said "we do first haircuts everyday" and it was obvious that they did. Though James cried for the duration of the haircut (which was heart breaking) she did a great job doing her best to comfort him and cutting his hair quickly as he squirmed around. He loved all the toys they had for him in the waiting area. They even told us "stay and play as long as you want. Get him comfortable here". They are true pros!" Joe P., Santa Rosa, CA


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"Pretty much child whisperers... No other way to explain the magic they do. There are days when my 3 year old son won't sit still for a second, but when we walks in to Lions & Tigers & Hair and he jumps up in the chair, he's mesmerized. It's truly an amazing talent." Millita W., Novato, CA

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