Your visit to Lions & Tigers & Hair.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016



Children from all over Sonoma County and the Bay Area have been coming to get their haircut at Lions & Tigers & Hair since 1998.  We pride ourselves on "Old School" values, family friendly environment and an experienced haircutting staff. 

This is what you and your child will experience while at Lions & Tigers & Hair, and the reasons families come back time after time.

  • A unique and playful jungle inspired ambiance
  • Hands on, use your imagination play toys in our play area. No electronics, no videos!
  • Caring, experienced and talented haircutting team
  • Displays of creative, beautiful and useful hair accessories
  • Top of the line hair care products from Original Sprouts Organics, Babo Botanicals and Biolage
  • A prize with every haircut for the kids of stickers and toys, but never candy!
Come on in and see for yourself. Call to make your child's next haircut appointment at 707-773-3711



Top 6 reasons your child is ready for their first haircut.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How do I know when my child needs their first haircut?

There will always be family and friends telling you when you should get your child's first haircut. The wives tales of " cut it and it will grow quicker and thicker", or " First birthday, first haircut". Let us answer that question for you and put the tales to rest.

 You know your child's is ready for a haircut when:

  • They are constantly swiping the hair out of their face. 
  • The growth pattern is in different lengths. Wings over the ears, and a tail in the back for example.
  • More food goes in their hair instead of in their mouth.
  • Stranger: “She is so cute, what is her name?……Parent: ”Johnny.”
  • Hair brushing takes an hour and the tangles still aren’t out. And the tears that come with it.
  • 2 words….” Baby Mullet”.

Baby’s First Haircut: If you tell us “we want very little cut off, still want our baby to look like a baby.”…no worries, that’s exactly what we will do. We call this “just a dusting”!

Got Tangles? You will be amazed what a healthy trim can do. Also, a good tangle brush and spray in detangling solution, we can hook you up!

We love the long hair look, whether it’s a boy or a girl. After their 1st haircut, keeping it trimmed at least 2-4 times a year ( we suggest once every season, keeps you on track) is always a good idea to keep it healthy and beautiful instead of knotty and straggly.

The Lions & Tigers & Hair experience will deliver not only a great 1st haircut & experience, you will also take home a 1st haircut certificate, a saved lock of your child's hair and a picture to commemorate the occasion. 

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